Your Move Anscombs

Purchasing freehold premises in the centre of York, just across from our existing showroom in King’s Square was a huge step for my business. The property needed complete refurbishment and we wanted to ensure the job was done thoroughly and to a high standard yet to a tight timescale. I needed a contractor who would take over the whole project and deliver exactly what I wanted regardless of various constraints. I had worked with Cooper & Westgate before and they once again delivered a superb service throughout and have continued to deal with any additional items efficiently. I am extremely glad we chose them and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a building or renovation project.

Kings square shop frontCommercial projects are very time sensitive, and the Your Move Anscombs project was no different, involving the renovation of the building along with the creation of new office facilities for Your Move Anscombs to occupy.

Given a time scale of six weeks to work within, any over-run would be completely un-acceptable, the project encompassed the renovation of an out of date building, this entailed new floors and ceilings, new electrics, plumbing, communications, heating and cooling services, partitioning, restoration of timber windows and decorations.

Working to strict City Centre regulations restricting the delivery of materials, parking and available work hours great co-ordination was required to ensure smooth project completion. As planned the doors of a brand new sparkling Your Move Anscombs opened to customers the very day specified.